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Welcome to

The BABE Collective

You're no longer on the outside

For anyone who's ever longed for that tight-knit circle of friends...
You've found your squad!









The yearly membership to a community like no other.

For the woman who is ready to...

  • Fall in love with herself

  • Reconnect with herself

  • Discover herself

  • Feel empowered

  • Become who she wants to be

  • Be understood

  • Be seen

  • Find her people

You Belong Here!

This is your safe space to fearlessly & boldly be YOU! This is a community where you'll be accepted, uplifted, celebrated and loved no matter what. We're your ride or die best friends. The people you can text at 1 a.m. The people who understand and relate to you. THIS is where you can unleash your inner babe and step into your truest self.

Hey babe! I'm Kaia!

I'm a 33 year old mama to 4, peace-keeper, Aquarius, Diet Coke addict and empowerment photographer. 

I'm so damn happy you're here!


For most of my childhood, teen years and even into adulthood I had a difficult time with friends. I longed a group to belong to, friends who felt authentic and who loved and celebrated me for who I was.

So I created a sisterhood of my own. And The BABE Collective was born.

What You Get

The BABE Experience:


This is a transformative year-long photo experience. Imagine every part of who you are, coming together in a full year through photos.

  • 1 Full Boudoir Experience

  • 1 Full Creative YOU Session

  • 2 Themed Mini Sessions

  • 2 Mini Sessions with the People You Love

  • A ticket to one of my group session events throughout the year (I usually host 2-3 of these sessions and they include things like body-positivity, diversity, celebrating moms, etc.)

Price: $5000 with 12 Monthly & 24 Bi-Weekly Payment Plans Available

The BABE Collective:

If you've ever longed for a tight-knit group of friends, if you've ever felt lonely, if you've ever felt like you were on the outside looking in, then this is the sisterhood for you!

  • The entire BABE Photo Experience PLUS

  • Private Voxer Group Chat for our Community

  • Monthly Girl Dates: These are in-person activities! We'll do all sorts of things from paint nights to pool parties to tacos and margs and everything in between.

  • Exclusive Virtual Events

  • Ticket for you and a guest to our Go All Out Gala - an opportunity for our BABE community to get dolled up and enjoy a fancy night of fun!

  • Early access and exclusive discounts to other events, retreats, & more!

Price: $6000 with 12 Monthly & 24 Bi-Weekly Payment Plans Available


If for some reason the BABE Photo Experience doesn't call to you, but you still want to be a part of The BABE Collective and all the community has to offer, that's okay too!

Price: $2500 with 12 Monthly & 24 Bi-Weekly Payment Plans Available

If you're far away, but still want access to our monthly online events and workshops and community calls, access to our group Voxer chat, and exclusive discounts to the Go All Out Gala and future retreats, sign up for our monthly BABE Collective Membership!

Price: $72/month

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You've found your home babe, welcome!

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